• mugscreenshot

    Project Mug

  • puppyscreenshot

    Project Puppies

  • Midterm Exam

    UX Project School Academic and Social App

  • Renzi MIST 7540 Final Exam

    UX Project Healthcare Smart Device and Apps

  • display-courier-ssd

    UML SSD Use Case Diagram “Print Shipping Label”

  • display-courier-pickup-package-activity

    UML Activity Model “Package Pickup”

  • display-courier-pickup-package

    UML SSD Use Case Diagram “Courier Package Pickup”

  • display-courier-package-state

    UML State Diagram “Package State”

  • display-courier-domain

    UML Domain Model Diagram “Courier Service”

  • display-courier-activity-model

    UML Activity Diagram Model “Courier Service”

  • display-bpm-travel

    Process Flow Swim Lanes Using Bizagi

  • display-bpm-claim-complaint

    Process Flow Using Bizagi

  • MIST 7500 Final Exam Fall 2013

    Executive Summary

  • Energy Storage section 3

    Disruptive Technology Presentation

  • display-appsrus-bmfiddle

    Value Proposition Business Model

  • CRC Card

    Employee Work Schedule